LaTeX Packages

linkfirst sentence of description
a4Support for A4 paper sizes.
a4wideIncreases width of printed area of an a4 page.
a5Support for a5 paper size.
abc2mtexNotate tunes stored in abc notation.
accentsMultiple accents.
acronymExpand acronyms at least once.
aeA set of virtual fonts which emulates T1 coded fonts using the standard CM fonts.
algorithmsDefines a floating algorithm environment designed to work with the \href{\#algorithmic}{algorithmic} package.
amsbsyPart of the \href{\#amslatex}{AMS-\LaTeX{}} distribution, this package provides a command for producing bold math symbols when appropriate fonts exist, and a `poor man's bold' command that can be applied when no appropriate bold font is available.
amscdPart of the \href{\#amslatex}{AMS-\LaTeX{}} distribution, this package adapts the commutative diagram macros of AMS-\TeX{} for use in \LaTeX{}.
amsmathThis package is the principal package in the \href{\#amslatex}{AMS-\LaTeX{}} distribution.
amssymbPart of the AMSFonts distribution, this \LaTeX{} option defines symbol names for all the math symbols in the fonts MSAM and MSBM, of the \href{\#amsfonts}{AMSFonts} package.
amstextPart of the \href{\#amslatex}{AMS-\LaTeX{}} distribution, this package defines a |\text| macro, which makes it easy to incorporate fragments of text inside a displayed equation or a sub or superscript.
ar\MF{} files and a \LaTeXe{} package for producing and using the capital A and capital R ligature, used for the symbol of the ``aspect ratio'' by scientists and engineers in the field of aeronautics.
armenianA package which lets one to write in Armenian with \TeX{}.
arrayAn extended implementation of the array and tabular environments which implements options to format columns.
atA package to remove a lot of tedious typing that ends up in \LaTeX{} documents by expanding the number of short command names available.
authorindexA package to generate a list of all authors cited in a document along with a list of pages where these citations occur.
bakomaA \TeX{} package intended for preparing Electronic Publications.
bez123A package providing additional facilities for drawing linear, cubic, and rational quadratic Bezier curves.
bezosUnrelated packages by Javier Bezos: tools for math accents; tensorial indexes; tools for easy entry of Spanish index entries.
bibartsA package to assist in making bibliographical lists common in the arts.
bibwebAutomatically retrieve bibliography from MathSciNet.
bmThis is a package for accessing bold symbols in math mode.
bosisioA collection of packages including: \href{\#dblfont}{dblfont}; \href{\#graphfig}{graphfig}; \href{\#mathcmd}{mathcmd}; \href{\#mathenv}{mathenv}; \href{\#quotes}{quotes}; \href{\#sobolev}{sobolev}.
boxedminipageA package for producing boxed minipages.
cA \TeX{} macro package for typesetting programs in C and Pascal.
calendarA package for calendars and timetables.
cancelLines through maths formulae.
caption2Newer version of the caption package.
carlisleMiscellaneous small packages by David Carlisle.
ccaptionA package providing commands for `continuation' headings and also a non-specific legend for floats.
ccfontsConcrete fonts.
china2eA \LaTeX{} package to produce Chinese calendar symbols of the old Chinese lunisolar calendar.
circleProvides circles in math mode that can be used for the nextstep operator of temporal logic, in conjunction with |\Box| and |\Diamond| (latexsym) or |\square| and |\lozenge| (amssymb).
cjkA macro package which enables the use of Chinese/Japanese/Korean with \LaTeXe.
cjkFonts to go with the \href{\#cjk}{cjk} macro package for Chinese/Japanese/Korean with \LaTeXe.
cmdtrackCheck used commands.
cmsdA package including additional fd files.
cmttA package for handling the `cmtt' font better.
concmathConcrete math fonts.
concreteA wrapper to load up the appropriate packages to use the concrete fonts.
contextA full featured, parameter driven macro package, which fully supports advanced interactive documents.
count1toA \LaTeX{} package which sets count1 to count9, which can be used to select certain pages with a driver.
cropA package providing corner marks for camera alignment as well as for trimming paper stacks, and additional page information on every page if required.
crosswrdBrian Hamilton Kelly's crosswrd package updated to run with \LaTeXe.
dblfontA package intended for generating commands that print letters in the blackboard-bold font (which is often used for the numerical sets, for example).
delimtxtRead and parse text tables.
directoryA package for \LaTeX{} and \BibTeX{} that facilitates the construction, maintenance and exploitation of an address book-like database.
docContains the definitions that are necessary to format the documentation of package files (Literate \LaTeX) which incorporate both the documentation and the code.
docstripMakes a package documentation file smaller by removing comments and other sections of the document conditionally.
doublespaceDefines the spacing environment which you can use anywhere in your document.
droppingA \LaTeXe{} macro for dropping the first character(s) (or word(s)) of a paragraph, extending the \LaTeX{} 2.
easybibSimple syntax for custom bibliographies.
easybmatBlock matricies.
easyeqnA simple package for writing equations.
easymatA simple package for writing matrices.
easytableA simple package for writing tables.
edmacA macro package for typesetting scholarly critical editions.
egplotA package to encapsulate \href{\#gnuplot}{gnuplot} commands in a \LaTeX{} source file and thus include figures generated with gnuplot.
eijkhoutSeveral unrelated packages: |DB_process|, to parse and process database output; |CD_labeler|, to typeset user text to fit on a CD label; |repeat.
empA package for encapsulated \href{\#metapost}{MetaPost} pictures in \LaTeX.
envlabA \LaTeXe{} package for producing mailing envelopes and labels, including barcodes and address formatting according to the US Postal Service rules.
epicA package enhancing \LaTeX{}'s picture mode.
epigraphA package for typesetting epigraphs---the pithy quotations often found at the start (or end) of a chapter.
epsfigInclude Encapsulated PostScript in \LaTeX{} documents.
esoA package to add picture commands to every page.
ethiopEthiopian language support for the babel package, including a collection of fonts and \TeX{} macros for typesetting the characters of the languages of Ethiopia, with fonts based on EthTeX originally distributed by Abass B.
eulerProvides a setup for using the AMS Euler family of fonts for math in \LaTeX{} documents.
euro2National and Euro currancy.
eurofontProvides a command that prints a euro symbol.
eurosansProvides a convenient interface for using the free Adobe Euro fonts in \TypeI{} (PostScript) format.
eurosymThe new European currency symbol for the ``Euro'' implemented in Metafont, using the official European Commission dimensions, and providing several shapes (normal, slanted, bold, outline).
everyselA \LaTeX{} package which provides hooks into \cs{selectfont}.
expl3Experimental packages to allow experienced \TeX{} programmers to experiment with, and comment on, a proposed set of syntax conventions and basic data-types that might form the basis for programming large scale projects in \TeX{}.
exportThis package allows the user to export/import the values of \LaTeX{} registers (counters, rigid and rubber lengths only).
fancyrefA \LaTeX{} package for fancy cross-referencing.
filehdrA collection of tools to support \BibTeX{} style format for file/package descriptions.
floatImproves the interface for defining floating objects such as figures and tables.
fncychapThis package provides six predefined chapter headings.
footbibA package to put bibliographic references as footnotes.
footmiscFootnotes package for \LaTeX{} capturing as package options much (if not all) of the functionality of the various other footnote packages.
ftetxA \TeX{} package for FTE (FTE = Folding Text Editor by Marko Macek) Adds a \TeX{} menu system for FTE.
glossA glossary package modelled on \BibTeX{} with |\cite| replaced by |\gloss|.
gnuplotA package to faciliate the use of gnuplot pslatex output in \LaTeX.
graphfigThis package combines the tools of the graphic, subfigure and float packages in a way that makes their use simpler and more robust.
graphicsThe primary \LaTeX{} package for the support of the inclusion of graphics generally produced with other tools.
graphicxBetter support for graphics.
grfguideGuide to using graphics in \LaTeX, including documentation on various packages including \href{\#color}{color} and \href{\#graphicx}{graphicx}.
grfpasteProvides an mechanism to include fragments of dvi files with the graphicx package: you can use |\includegraphics| to include dvi files.
grnumaltA package which implements a numbering system used in ancient Athens, producing the `Athenian' numeral for any positive arabic numeral.
grtimesTypeset Greek text with the Times New Roman Greek.
gustlibVarious small utility packages for typesetting in plain \TeX, with a Polish perspective.
hangingThe hanging package facilitates the typesetting of hanging paragraphs.
harpoonExtra harpoons, using the graphics package.
hereProvides the H option for floats in \LaTeX{} to mean that the float should really be placed here.
hilowresA package to simplify the inclusion of low resolution versions of high resolution images, if each pair of files have the same basename (e.
html2latexThe html2latex package compiled from the Unix sources version 0.
hyperlatexA package that allows you to prepare documents in HTML and to produce a neatly printed document from your input using \LaTeX{}.
hyphenatDisable/enable hypenation.
indxciteA package to automatically generate an Author Index based on citations made using \BibTeX.
isostdsClass and package files for typesetting ISO International Standard documents.
jadetexMacro package on top of \LaTeX{} to typeset \TeX{} output of Jade DSSSL implementation.
knstA package supporting the generation and correction of multiple option tests as appears in TUGBoat Volume 17, Number3: ``Fast and secure multiple option tests''.
koi8A package to perform internal translation from the KOI-8 encoding (de-facto standard of the UNIX world) to the so called ``alternative encoding'' used by most Cyrillic packages.
latex\LaTeX{} is a (and probably the most) popular macro package for \TeX, providing many basic document formating commands extended by many of the packages included in this current list.
latexcadA CAD drawing package.
latin2jkA definition file for the \href{\#inputenc}{inputenc} package, where all characters from IS=-8859-2 (Latin-2) are loaded as text characters.
linguexA package to facilitate the formatting of linguist examples, automatically taking care of example numbering, indentations, indexed brackets, and the ``*'' in grammaticality judgments.
listingsA package for typesetting listings using \LaTeXe.
ltablexModifies the tabularx environment to combine the features of the tabularx package (auto-sized columns in a fixed width table) with those of the longtable package (multi-page tables).
lucoldA package to switch the rendering of all the digits to the so-called ``old-style'' numbers, when using Lucida fonts.
margbibA package for displaying bibliography tags in the margins.
marvosymA Macintosh version of the \href{\#marvosym}{marvosym} font.
mathcompA package which provides access to some interesting characters of the Text Companion fonts (TS1 encoding) in math mode.
mathppleA package to define the PostScript font family `Palatino' (ppl) as the default roman font and then uses the `mathpple' fonts for typesetting math.
metaA GNU Emacs Lisp package that implements a major mode for editing \MF{} or \href{\#metapost}{MetaPost} sources.
methodTypeset method and variable declarations.
mfA \MF{} package including: epstomf a tiny AWK script for converting EPS files into MF lingo; and mftoeps for generating (encapsulated) PostScript files readable, e.
mf2texA package of macros in \TeX{} and \MF{} which allows a user to easily add labels to \MF{} sources (text or mathematics).
mffA package to provide something similar to `multiple master' fonts, but using \MF; you specify a font by a set of \MF{} parameters, and \TeX{} makes up an mf file to generate the required font; this package is not integrated with NFSS (or MakeTeXTFM) yet fun.
mflogo\LaTeX{} interface for \MF{} and \MP{} logo fonts.
morehelpA package to enhance \LaTeXe{} error messages by providing descriptions of the possible causes including those that may not be obvious.
moresizeA \LaTeXe{} package for using font sizes up to 35.
morseA package for printing Morse code signs.
mpatternA package for defining and using patterns in MetaPost, using the Pattern Color Space available in PostScript Level 2.
mpfnmarkA package which provides the command |\mpfootnotemark|, which can be used in the same way as |\footnotemark|.
msVarious \LaTeX{} packages by Martin Schr\"oder.
mt11pA package to use the MathTime and MathTimePLUS (``MathTime complete'') fonts in \LaTeXe.
multicolA package to intermix single and multiple columns.
multitocA \LaTeX{} package which automatically sets only the table of contents, list of figures and list of tables in two or more columns.
myletterAnother letter package.
ncctoolsVarious \LaTeX{} packages written and supported by Alexander Rozhenko.
overwordProvides two macros which can be used as building blocks for the parsing of text.
pagenoA \LaTeX{} package that can re-define the plain page style under the control of options, so you can have page numbers: at the top or bottom of the page; in the inside corner, outside corner, or in the middle.
patchMacros for package management.
pathA \LaTeX{} package to break long strings at convenient places.
pawpictUsing graphics from PAW.
pbA diagram package using LAMS\TeX{} or Xy-pic fonts.
pbmtogfConvert pbm images to gf font files.
pdfscreenSupport screen-based document design.
permuteA package for symmetric groups, allowing you to input, output, and calculate with them.
picinparInsert pictures into paragraphs.
piq\MF{} package for the Klingon language with okuda orthography.
plainThe plain.
plgraph\LaTeX{} graphics package with wrapper to allow it to be used with generic plain \TeX.
pmcstexA macro package that implements many (em)TeX related features for the OS/2 EPM editor.
polyglotA package for \LaTeXe{} multilingual support.
ppchtexA package that can be used to typeset chemical formulas.
prettyrefAdditional functionality for the \LaTeXe{} label--reference mechanism allowing the ``preformat'' of all types of labels.
protexLiterate programming package.
pslatexA small package that makes \LaTeX{} default to `standard' PostScript fonts.
pstricksAn extensive collection of PostScript macros that is compatible with most \TeX{} macro packages, including Plain \TeX, \LaTeX, AMS-\TeX, and AMS-\LaTeX.
qsymbolsFor defining systematic mnemonic abbreviations, starting with |`| for math symbols and |\"| for arrows, from the amssymb and stmaryrd packages.
quotchapA package for creating decorative chapter headings with quotations, a PostScript output device and the \href{\#psnfss}{psnfss} package are needed, the \href{\#color}{color} package and a greyscale output device are recommended.
quotesA package to automatically translate the character |\"| to |``| or |''| so that opening and closing quotes are correctly produced.
rThis package decodes the german `R- und S-S\"atze', which are numerically coded security advice for chemical substances into plain text.
ragged2eA \LaTeX{} package which defines new commands |\Centering|, |\RaggedLeft|, and |\RaggedRight| and new environments Center, FlushLeft, and FlushRight, which set ragged text and are easily configurable to allow hyphenation.
railA C program and \LaTeX{} package to draw syntax diagrams specified in EBNF.
rawfontsA \LaTeXe{} package providing emulation of \LaTeX{} 2.
rawprintPrint raw Russian text.
rcsinfoSupport for the revision control system.
relenc\LaTeX{} package providing a relaxed font encoding to make available to a font designer more slots for insertion of ligatures and accented characters.
rlepsfA macro package for use with epsf.
rmpageA package to help change page layout parameters in \LaTeX{}.
romaniantexA \LaTeXe{} package for type-setting Romanian in a multi-lingual \TeX{} environment.
rotatingA package built on the standard \LaTeX{} graphics package to perform all the different sorts of rotation one might like, including complete figures and tables and captions.
sauterfontsA package providing font definition files (plus a replacement for the package \href{\#exscale}{exscale}) to access many of the fonts in Sauter's (Knappen's, Holin's) collection.
scaleA package to scale a document by \ensuremath{\sqrt{2}} (or by |\magstep{2}|).
scheduleA package intended to automatically format weekly schedules using \LaTeX's picture environment.
sectstyA \LaTeXe{} package to help change the style of any or all of \LaTeX's sectional headers in the article, book, or report classes.
shadethmPackage that allows declarations of the form |\newshadetheorem{thm}{Theorem}| or |\newshadetheorem{}[]{}| or |\newshadetheorem{}{}[]| to produce shaded boxes from the usual command |\begin{theorem}| \ldots |\end{theorem}|.
shalomA package intended for simple documents with some Hebrew (using some words, an address, a short abstract, without fussing around with \TeX--\Xet, hebrew screen fonts or keyboard encodings).
shorttocA package to create another table of contents with a different depth, useful in large documents where a detailed table of contents should be accompanied by a shorter one, giving only a general overview of the main topics in the document.
showdimA package for \LaTeX{} providing a number of commands for printing the value of a \TeX{} dimension.
slashedA package to put / through characters, for the Physicist's `Feynman slashed character' notation.
slidenotesA class package for the easy production of a slide collection with annotations.
smartmnThis package activates the minus sign such that it guesses whether to print as a hyphen or as minus sign in text mode (which is one of the most common typografical errors in \LaTeX{} texts).
somedefsA programmer's toolkit package for use by package writers supporting the provision of options which switch definitions contained in a package on and off through package options.
soulProvides hyphenateable spacing out (letterspacing), underlining, striking out, etc.
ssqquote\LaTeX{} package and font definition file to access the `cmssq' fonts, i.
stdclsdvThe stdclsdv package is designed for package writers who need to know what sectioning divsions are provided by the document's class.
supertabularA multi-page tables package.
synttreeA package to typeset syntactic trees such as those used in Chomsky's Generative grammar, based on a description of the structure of the tree.
tabbingA package offering a variant of the tabbing environment which allows accented letters.
tapAn advanced, however easy table package.
tcvnA package for vietnamese TCVN encoding which is widely used in Windows applications.
tensindA package for typesetting tensors, with dots filling gaps and fine tuning of index placement.
tensorA package which allows the user to set tensor-style super and subscripts with offsets between successive indices.
termcalThis package is intended to print a term calendar for use in planning a class.
testmathExamples of the AMS-\LaTeX{} package.
texsisA Plain \TeX macro package along the lines of \LaTeX.
textposPlace boxes absolutely.
thumbpdfThumbnails for pdfTeX.
tiffThe tiff graphics package.
timesA package to use PostScript Times Roman as the default font.
timingFonts and macro package for drawing timing diagrams.
titlesecSelect alternative section titles.
tocloftProvides control over the typography of the Table of Contents, List of Figures and List of Tables.
ttf2pkThis tool rasterizes the glyph outlines of a TrueType font into a bitmap font in PK format.
ttf2tfmExtracts the metric and kerning information of a TrueType font and converts it into metric files usable by \TeX{} (quite similar to afm2tfm which is part of the dvips package).
twoupPrint two virtual pages on each physical page.
type1cmA package that removes the restriction when using scalable versions of the cm fonts (\TypeI{} Bakoma, or versions from BSR/Y\&Y, or True Type versions from Kinch, PC\TeX{}, etc.
uaclassesThis package provides a \LaTeXe{} document class named `ua-thesis' for typesetting theses and dissertations in the official format required by the University of Arizona.
underlinPackage for underlining.
uniThe Universal font.
unitsIncludes two packages for typesetting fractions and physical units.
utthesis\LaTeX{} package for preparation of a thesis that meets the requirements of the Graduate School of the University of TeXas at Austin.
vrulerA package for adding a vertical numbering to the general text so that the text can be properly referenced.
warpcolDefines a tabular column type for formatting numerical columns in \LaTeX{}.
wasysymMakes some additional characters available that come from the wasy fonts (Waldis symbol fonts).
web2cThe ``standard'' source C version of the \TeX{} sysmtem.
winshellA graphical user interface for interacting with \TeX{} on Win32 systems.
wpA list (in HTML format) of packages for converting between \LaTeX{} and \TeX{} documents and a variety of other formats including RTF, Word, and Wordperfect.
xypicA package for typesetting a variety of graphs and diagrams with TeX.
youngtabA package for typesetting Young-Tableaux, mathematical symbols for the representations of groups, providing two macros, |\yng(\#1)| and |\young(\#1)| to generate the whole Young-Tableaux.
ytexMacro package developed at MIT.